As a wedding photographer, your marketing strategy and systems determine whether or not you'll be successful in your business. 

And I get it! As someone with 8+ years of wedding photography experience, it's hard to know what we should be focusing on and where to show up, (much less get it all on an actual calendar)

That's why I've created a done-for-you Trello board and calendar system, with an entire quarter of planned marketing activities specifically for wedding photographers.

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Let's be have a million and one hats to wear as the CEO of your photography business (least of which you're finding out is actually taking the photos itself).And marketing? That is HUGE, and a solid photography marketing strategy helps us become known in our market, get inquiries, grow our  business and hit those $$ goals.

But maybe, you're tied down by paralysis because you don't know exactly what you should be doing to market your wedding photography business every day.

All the indecision, stress, doubt and fatigue is starting to wear you down.

That's why it's so important as the CEO of your wedding photography business to get help in every area that isn't feeling 100% to you.

We've crafted an entire three months of marketing strategy for you.

Each month we've planned out and organized on a Trello board:

1. What marketing activities you should be focusing on for your wedding photography business
2. Specific ideas for you to complete them 
3. A digital calendar for you to add them to, so that you follow through and finally start seeing consistent inquiries in your inbox.

PLUS, you get access to tons of bonuses including trackers for your Instagram marketing, trackers for your consultation calls and bookings and an entire month of content prompts so you're not stuck wondering how to show up on IG.

Finally, someone is handing over the wedding photography marketing playbook for you to simply add to your calendar and get to work.

Finally, a done-for-you marketing strategy AND calendar for wedding photographers 👏🏽

There's 4-Core marketing pillars you should be doing regularly in your wedding photography business





  • A done-for your marketing calendar including the 4-core marketing strategies.
  • Build activities
  • Nurture activities
  • Brand activities
  • Grow activities
  • Digital marketing calendar to schedule your marketing tasks
  • BONUS - Instagram marketing tracker
  • BONUS - Consultation and booking tracker
  • BONUS - 30 Days of IG content prompts


Regularly $97

  • A done-for your marketing calendar including the 4-core marketing strategies.
  • Build activities
  • Nurture activities
  • Brand activities
  • Grow activities
  • Digital marketing calendar to schedule your marketing tasks
  • BONUS - Instagram marketing tracker
  • BONUS - Consultation and booking tracker
  • BONUS - 30 Days of IG content prompts

I struggled with marketing...



Want to know the difference between fully booked out, turning down couples that want to work with them because their books are too full wedding photographers...and up until 2am trying to figure out where their next lead is going to come from because they have bills to pay?

Successful wedding photographers are crystal clear on the marketing activities they should be doing and they have it all on a marketing calendar.

The truth is the photographers who are completely booked out don't leave their marketing as a "when I feel like it", it's a first priority to learn how and where and then add their tasks to their calendar.

It's the difference between being a true CEO of your business and being somebody who feels like they are constantly working and not getting the results they want.

Say hello to your streamlined and intentional photography business marketing strategy 👇🏽


Regularly $97

This is for the wedding photographer who takes pride in their work, has beautiful images and KNOWS they have so much more to offer but they just aren't reaching the clients in order to get booked out in their business.

You want to be confident in your marketing strategy and KNOW exactly what you need to be doing, you just wish someone would hand over the playbook so instead of trying to research what you should can just show up and do the work.

48-Hour 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have access to go through the calendar and marketing activities for 48 hours, and if you don't feel it's the best $37 you've ever spent for your wedding photography business, simply email us at and we will refund your entire purchase. No questions asked.

We've got A's for your Q's


What is Trello?

My favorite organizational tool EVER! But I digress 🤣  It's a totally free application that you can sign up for, which helps you keep systems for everything in your business. I use this for keeping track of my business information and passwords, our marketing and I even use it to keep our family life organized. Seriously, if you don't have it yet...get it. You can thank me later!

How long will this take each day?

Honestly it depends. If you are in a place where your business isn't getting any incoming leads coming in, then marketing should be your NUMBER ONE priority. Meaning, 90% of your time working should be spent here. If however you're getting inquiries here and there but not consistently, then plan to spend an hour a day M-F.   

When can I get started?

Right away! Once you checkout, we'll send over an email to access your calendar and you can literally get started immediately. So exciting!  

Will this work if I have another type of photography business?

Yes, the marketing principles apply regardless off your niche. However, the examples I talk about in the calendar are directly related to wedding photography.

Will this work if I'm a beginner?

Absolutely. Every beginning photographer isn't clear what they should be marketing on and they end up wasting years doing the wrong things trying to figure it out. Instead, I give you what works - & when to implement it. So you can skip the years of trial and error and work on a proven process today.  

Will this work for experienced photographers?

100% You may be in a space where you know what you should be doing, but your so overwhelmed by your current work that your just not making marketing a priority. The truth is, having a marketing calendar with all of your marketing tasks prioritized actually saves you time while knowing that the most important tasks are getting done.

What type of marketing will I be doing?

ALL types. That's the point, you will be utilizing social media and other marketing avenues because it's so important to market your photography business in different ways. So that, if one stops working - you have other ways leads are still coming in.  

How do I get additional support from you?

You can check out my signature wedding photography business program Roadmap to Booked which is currently waitlisted. CLICK HERE to add yourself to the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors back up.  

90 Days of done for you wedding photography marketing strategy calendar, organized month by month so that you never question again where the next inquiry is going to come from.


Regularly $97

Founder of Roadmap to Booked and "life first" guru to photographers growing their businesses worldwide.

When I started my business I had no photography experience and a gifted camera. It was only through throwing out the rulebook and creating my own path, that I went from budget weddings to $7k-$10k, and only accepting 10 jobs a year.

After over 8 years of running my own successful wedding photography business, I want to take everything I know and help you:

Show up intentionally, learn quickly without making the mistakes I did, build a thriving and profitable photography business that allows you to live your life with the people you love.

Welcome to this corner of the internet where I'll help you build the photography business of your dreams.

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